Our Tennis & Sports Wristbands/Sweatbands Hide Make-up & Tints Better!

We wish we had an impressive long scientific explanation for how Wristpect Sport wristbands hide make-up and face tints better than the traditional solid terry cloth wristbands and sweatbands but truth be told, we try not to complicate things here at Wristpect Sport! 

Your tennis and sport accessories should support you (yes like a bra), make you feel and look good-- then you should forget about them during play! Cause tennis and other sports are hard enough as it is! You don't need 1% of your brain thinking:

'Can everyone see these horrible ruddy, dirty makeup stains on my wristband?! 

So we present to you THE reason our wristbands hide make-up and face tints better:

Rainbow Heart with PRoduct Feature statement

From animal prints, to words, and a whole host of geometrics like those shown below, Wristpect Sport wristbands are engineered (that word makes us feel nerdy and smart) to not only wick AND absorb sweat for athletes of all levels, the patterns are such that we intended to aid in masking face make-up and tints better! 


6 To Love Tennis Wristbands and Sweatbands


Mr. Sunshine Face is our mascot in charge of making you feel good about this function of our wristbands.

Smiley Face Product Feature

An here's a look at all the product features that make Wristpect Sport wristbands and sweatbands both unique, AND a leader in sweat accessories:

Whimsical Product Features for Wristpect Sport wristbands

We hope our non-complicated ways here at Wristpect Sport make you feel more comfortable but more importantly we also hope you gain even more comfort when you try our super fashionable and functional tennis and sport wristbands/sweatbands!

Because you're not just a pretty face- you're an animal on court and in sport!



Fed Cup 2017

It’s Fed Cup time!!!

Where: Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa Bay, Florida

When: April 22-23

Who: USA VS The Czech Republic

The best-of-five match series begins on Saturday, April 22, with two singles matches. Two reverse singles matches and the doubles match follow that on Sunday, April 23. Matches will be played on a temporary outdoor green clay court. The winner of the match-up will advance to the Fed Cup Final on Nov. 11-12

Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Coco Vandeweghe fed cup

( photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Tampa Bay will be hosting Fed Cup for the first time. The U.S Fed Cup team has never lost a tie played in Florida. That said; the Czech Republic team has been dominant in Fed Cup in recent years, winning five titles in the last six years (2011-12, 2014-16). The U.S. Fed Cup team made its last appearance in the final in 2010, falling to Italy 3-1 in San Diego.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Coco Vandeweghe with the Australian fed cup team

( photo courtesy of 10sballs.com )

Captain Kathy Rinaldi leads the U.S. team. Players are: No. 24 CoCo Vandeweghe, No. 36 Lauren Davis, No. 49 Shelby Rogers, and world No. 1 doubles player Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

The Czech Republic team is led by captain is Petr Pala and players: No. 38 Katerina Siniakova, No. 58 Kristyna Pliskova, No. 107 Denisa Allertova, and No. 233 Marketa Vondrousova.

We hope everyone will be watching these ladies play and be cheering for their favorite player(s). We at Wristpect Sport naturally are bias towards the U.S team because we are a U.S company and one of the U.S. team members, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, wears our unique wristbands! Be on the lookout for at least one member of Team USA to be wearing a little Wristpect Spirit on her wrist!


(FreeSpirit courtesy of Wristpect Sport!)

Free Spirit wristband set

Swiss Miss Tennis & Indian Wells Tennis Fashion

When you're in the heat of the desert, Swiss Miss hot chocolate does NOT sound good considering the scorcher temps during the day! Now, cool evenings, that may be a different story?

All righty, we're missing the BNP Paribas tennis scene of Indian Wells since our recent return from this awesome tournament event! It was there that we got our first live looks at two of the greatest Swiss players the sport of tennis has ever known: Roger Federer and Stan Warinka.

While watching Stan-The-Man during day two practice sessions a poetic moment presented itself. There amid the hot desert temps we could not help but notice how the snow capped peaks of the mountains in the distance framed this man from Switzerland in the foreground!

It tickled us such that we snapped this photo (below).

Stan Warinka 2017 BNP Paribas Courtesy Wristpect Sport

Stan was every bit as quiet as he appears on TV--even a bit shy. He works steadily and consistently in his practice sessions and as with most of the pro players, seeing his mechanics of the game up close places you in awe!

Repetition is not for the distracted, weak or board. Repetition builds greatness.

(Here Stan Warinka hits backhand after backhand with ease and intensity)

Stan Warinka hitting a backhand compliments of Wristpect Sport

As day turned to evening, near pandaemonium broke out when the crowds stayed to get a glimpse of Roger Federer practicing. Roger snagged an evening practice session under the lights and with much more ideal cooler temps than Stan. Patience and lack of complaining amidst the impatient and tired crowd rewarded us with box seating 4th row to see the G.O.A.T. (if you're not savvy with farm vocabulary, G.O.A.T. stands for Greatest Of All Time)---Roger Federer!

Roger is for sure all business during practice but there is a lightness and airy-ness that has come with his success, tenure on tour and the wisdom of age. He smiles, jokes a bit, acknowledges the crowd and displays a sheer desire to keep playing this game--A.K.A, no signs of burn out, no signs of the body wanting to stop!

He is now, in our opinion more graceful in his movement about the court than he ever has been.

Roger Federer compliments of Wristpect Sport photography

 Roger Federer 2017 BNP Paribas- compliments Wristpect sport photography

It was hard to leave the rustic setting of the desert and this enjoyable tournament but we'll for sure be on grounds again soon!

To tie us over in the interim, we'll be eager to share our 

NEW 'INDIAN WELLS' double wristband pack

with our followers and users to lessen our pining for this event!

So be on the lookout for our

all of our NEW 2017 Spring/Summer styles soon to be unveiled!

Did you attend the BNP Paribas this year (or years previous)?

Feel free to comment and let us know who you watched during practices/matches.

 (All images taken by & the property of Wristpect Sport)    


Do you think tennis officials are paid well?

1968 was the beginning of what is known as the Open Era of tennis. What this means is prior to April 1968 only amateurs were allowed to compete in established tournaments, including the four Grand Slams. There was NO prize money and players were compensated for travel expenses only.

In 2015 here is the prize money awarded for competing in the finals of the four Grand Slams:

 Singles Prize Money                       Winner                     Runner up

Australian Open                              $2,126,000.00      $1,550,000.00

Roland Garros                                 $1,967,000.00      $1,027,290.00

US Open                                           $3,300,000.00      $1.600,000.00

Wimbledon                                       $2,665,000.00      $1,170,488.00

Have you ever wonder how much money a chair umpire makes for calling a final of a grand slam? These are 2015 numbers.

Australian Open Chair Umpire            $3,113.00

Roland Garros Chair Umpire              $3,113.00

US Open Chair Umpire                       $3,000.00

Wimbledon Chair Umpire                   $3,7356.00

So what is my point? Just this, no one could professionally play any sport without officials. Do you think the official is any less trained for his job than the person playing the sport? For every sport the people behind the calls are seasoned veterans who have spent countless hours making calls. With that said I am wondering what you may think of the difference in pay for a professional athlete and their counterpart official.

Obviously one does NOT go to a tennis match to watch the chair umpire nor am I suggesting equal pay. But here is a thought; every time you use your credit card the credit card company charges the seller 1-3% of the cost of the sale. These qualified, seasoned professionals are paid less than 1% of what the athletes are paid during the same tennis match for their professional service. I’m wondering if things have gone a little haywire.