Indian Wells Tennis Recipe

Bethanie Mattek Sands and Coco Vandeweghe strategize during Indian Wells

O.k., we're making a confession. Everyone on staff at Wristpect Sport! is a foodie! We love food!

Some of us on the team are better cooks than the others. I can assure you that's not me but I'm working hard on sprinkling red pepper flakes into and on about anything that's edible, and perfecting a pork shoulder slow cooker dish. At the end of the day our team arrives at the same place; the table! And it is there, we gaze upon food...

Here's a recipe we came across this last weekend that fit particularly well with our tastes and made us feel full and satisfied! 

 Indian Wells Delight:

* Start with a dash of Mattek

* Mix with a bit of Sands

* Add a pop of spicy red color to the hair

* Add a heap of spunk, tattoos and volley's and stir vigorously!

* Complete the above blend by topping off with 1 tall pour of Coco

Plate the dish and set near a LARGE trophy center piece. Finish by adding place setting cards bearing the title: 2016 BNP Paribas-Indian Wells Doubles Champions! 

We congratulate the US doubles team of Bethanie Mattek Sands and Coco Vandeweghe for their win this last weekend! Good hands at net, smiles, giving the benefit of the doubt to one another at all times, adjustments in strategy and believing got them their first WTA doubles title! 

We have a feeling this dish is not just a seasonal one; it will be served many times in the months and years to come!

How appropriate, Bethanie is shown above wearing a wristband from our Winners Circle wristband set. 

(We assume many of you are also foodies! Feel free to send us your favorite pre or post match recipes and dishes. Or any recipe you, or your team, truly enjoy making any day, anytime and we'll share it with our followers! Email them to

Here's to savoring food, good tennis, sport and life!







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