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Wristpect Sport shares Nicole's Tennis boutique Instaram post of tennis pinks

Window shopping! We all do it and we all try to envision what it would be like to have, or wear a particular accessory, or ensemble. 

We, (you, me and all the other yellow ball chasers) are living in not just, 'a time' but 'THE time' where the tennis world is now actively ratcheting up its fashion sense from all angles! It's not just the clothes. It's the shoes, headbands and even the colors, names, and materials chosen for rackets. Many a purchaser --from the practical, to the gritty, the diva, or the serious-- scrutinizes the tiniest details. 

It's refreshing to see retailers of tennis products take pride and time in showcasing the products they carry. How something is packaged or presented--how we, as people and players present ourselves--- does indeed make a difference. It all translates to care.

Today, we're sharing the tasteful Instagram post (shown above) from our friends at Nicole's Tennis Boutique. This imagery gives the tennis enthusiast a playground of ideas from apparel ('Making Waves' by Tail), to tennis bags (by All for Color), shoes (Nike) and  wristbands (ta-da, by Wristpect Sport)--to even a home decor item (Keep Calm and Play Tennis sign). 

The undulating waves in the Tail top and/or skirt work well with the chevron pattern in our 'Calm' wristband while the subtle polka dots in our 'Dot' wristband allow for contrast. All in all our Dot Calm wristband set indeed holds its own in this Dot.COM world!

Pretty Pink Chevron and polka dotted tennis wristband set by Wristpect Sport


We feel confident that this well executed Instagram post is also an indication of Nicole's Tennis Boutique's ability to bring many tennis elements together in a fashionable appealing way for their store and website as well!

Great job ladies and thank you for all that you do for Wristpect Sport!

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