Dreaming About Tennis

Moon and stars image with question: Do you have tennis dreams?

O.k., here it is straight up: We realize that our being a company that manages sweat for athletes gets personal. It's just what we do via our fashionable tennis and sport accessories! Today, we're going a step further, and getting super personal by sharing the tennis dream we had last night!

Honestly, 'we,' (as a collective company) didn't have the dream. It was me. There I said it. And, I'm taking responsibility and bearing my soul in front of the rest of the Wristpect Sport! team as well as, the WORLD!

My dream was of the short snippet kind and lasted only milliseconds (not that I was timing myself, though I could have as I tossed and turned a bit last night). This little vignette was mixed with other random mini dreams. Here goes:

I simply saw myself pat Victoria Azarenka on the back. A short positive pat on the back.That's it! It wasn't a consoling pat. It was an WAY TO GO pat! I received no reply from her and we didn't stop and chat about our serves, or dabbing. I simply patted her on the back! More honesty: This morning (or maybe during the dream) I realized I didn't have a Wristpect Sport wristband on --which I find odd! I sure should have! And why didn't I say something to Azarenka for crying out loud while I had a chance!?

So, does my dream mean she will WIN the 2016 Miami Open that's set for this Saturday April 2nd?! I think it might! I've decided my dream was a simple hint from my tennis loving swirling mind. And I'm sticking to my dream, so please don't go getting all 'Freudian' on me! No matter the result, I'm standing up for my positive cheerful little dream and will be rooting for Azerenka because I've always liked her free spirit and fight! 

The big question is: Who do you think will win the 2016 ladies Miami Open? Comment below in this story or jump on our Facebook page and share your prediction while seeing what others think.

The BIGGER question is: Do YOU have tennis dreams? Surely it's not just me?! Tell us if you dare and please keep them wristepctful! 

Keep Dreaming!

 (P.S., be on the lookout for a FREE wristband giveaway mid month in honor of the US Ladies Fed Cup team!...)




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