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Tennis is a sport filled with social opportunities. Sometimes it is a social arrangement between friends who meet weekly and duke it out for 3 sets. Sometimes a group decides to sign up at their local city facility for league play. And some opt to unite via the country club scene. Any way you slice it, tennis is a fun way to burn some calories and enjoy friends!

Recently one such tennis lover and country club member (who happens to be on her club’s tennis committee) approached Wristpect Sport to help her with clever giveaway ideas for her tennis event swag bags. Quickly this turned into a win/win for all involved! Wristpect Sport was honored to provide our signature quality wristbands for all the participants, and the event coordinator received her order of wristbands at a special volume discounted rate. 

“When we were putting together the swag bags everyone on the board LOVED your wristbands. They were so much fun to look at all the styles. They are really cool!”

Thank you Amy for reaching out to us to partner with you and for sharing what your committee thought of our wristbands.

Do you have an upcoming event? Are you in need of something a little different that will make a fashionable yet functional impact on event recipients? Reach out to us and let us help put the swag in your bags! 

(We'll be happy to consider your quantities and potentially pass along savings for your event too!)

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