Sneak Peek: Primal Colors

Alone or with teammates, you hear The Call of the Wild. You enjoy splashes of vibrant color to accent solids and/or to mix with other interesting patterns. Wristpect Sport has taken animal prints and turned them vibrant!

Primal Colors sneak look paired with tops

As we launched into design mode we too heard The Call of the Wild. Now we are ready to spill some more beans. After introducing you to how we see red via our NEW CrimsonTide double wristband set, we are excited to take our PrimalColors out of the package and onto the courts and everywhere else.

PrimalColors matched to Nike

Ok, here it is out of the package, but you’ll still have to wait for the manufacturing to be completed before we have them to get into your hands! And we know you will be ordering them because they obviously are trending with ALL the latest in tennis attire!

Primal Colors matched to adidas

Coming soon...

Primal Colors double wristband package

Tops pictured above: Denise Cromwell, Lija, Lucky in Love, Nike, Asics, and Adidas.

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