Bethanie Mattek-Sands to serve. Play.

I always thought at the beginning of a baseball game the home plate umpire shouted out, "Play ball!" Well, I just found out I always thought wrong. Traditionally I'm not good at admitting when I am wrong. In fact, some might say it is uncharacteristic of me to admit when I am wrong. However, since I think there are a significant number of readers that thought it was "Play ball!" not just "Play" it cushions the blow just enough for me to have done it. Actually umpires today at all levels of the game are trained to simply point to the pitcher and say, “Play!”

Now I ask you to listen closely at the beginning of the next tennis match you watch for what the chair umpire says to begin the match. Much like America’s favorite pastime, the last word spoken after announcing who will be serving, is "Play."

Play Ball double wristband packs with Tennis Anywon other tennis shirts

At Wristpect Sport we like baseball—we are American after-all! And by now you know we love a little tennis too! So when we were at the design table and pairing a whimsical bright yellow, black, and gray pattern with the freeform Picasso style tennis ball design how could we not think "Play Ball!"

Play Ball with tennis shirts


Whether you pair this wristband set with a classic black solid, a white solid, a gray solid, or the bright yellow solid you have a winning set! For that matter, wear this wristband set with any combination of that foursome and let it rip!

Play Ball with tennis shirts


Coming soon...

Play Ball in package

PlayBall is pictured with the brands: Wristpect Sport!, Chrissie, Fila, Tonic, Lucky in Love, Sofi Bella, and Nike.


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