Crimson Tide unleashed!

At Wristpect Sport we take pride in our work and work product. We want all of our customers to have a great shopping experience and really enjoy the value of their purchases. We invite our customers to give us their feedback and we listen to what our customers say because what they say matters to us!

Over the last 4 years we’ve had the pleasure of reading some wonderful product reviews from customers as far away as Australia and as near as our backyard by friends and tennis teammates. One comment pops up quite a bit, “Are you coming out with more styles?” And another is, “Can you make some with red?” Our answer to both is, ‘Yes!”

CrimsonTide double wristband pack with tennis apparel

Ladies and gentlemen Wristpect Sport is seeing red with one of our newest designs CrimsonTide.

CrimsonTide double wristband pack with tennis apparel

Roll Tide may be your alma mater’s rally cry, or you may just love to roll with a classic strong red! A fashionable geometric crisp crimson and white offsets a trademark classic houndstooth pattern with black accents.

 CrimsonTide double wristband pack with tennis apparel

We love hearing from our customers and thank you for your loyalty.

Coming soon...

CrimsonTide double wristband package in packaging

Tennis tops pictured with CrimsonTide: Lucky in Love, Lotto, Chrissie, Asics, Denise Cromwell, Bolle, Jofit, Nike, and Fila.


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