Grit, do you own it?

Words are powerful tools. Everyday, and in every aspect of life people use words with purpose. Sometimes words comfort. Sometimes words chastise. Sometimes words hurt. Sometimes words motivate.

For athletes in the midst of training or in competition the words that are spoken within can mean the difference in their ability to run faster, hit harder, lift heavier, not give up, or to not lose.

When competing well, winning, the words are always positive and motivational. It is when we struggle to find that A game or even our B game that the negative words start to flow. The most successful athletes are the ones that shut out those negative words when they aren’t playing their best. Tell yourself ‘I can do it’ and you can, tell yourself ‘it’s too hard’ and it is.


Here’s a small word that I think is compelling, grit.  Grit is defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals. If you own grit you will own the words that compel you to keep going even when your body wants to stop. If you own grit you will own the will to not lose.


When you compete, what are the words you own? Remember, the words you OWN can mean the difference in whether you’ve lost or WON.

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