How are you wearing your wristbands?

The sweatband was originally invented by tennis and sportswear legend Fred Perry in order to be able to absorb sweat from his hands and face on the court. Tennis players all over the world have been wearing wristbands for ever since. For some of these players, wristbands may be a fashion statement. For others, wristbands are a vital tool for fighting the sweat that drips down the arm to the wrist, or to wipe away the sweat traveling down the forehead.  The majority of the top pro tennis players wear wristbands for good reason, and recreational players use them too.

Wristpect Sport! wristbands are both a fashion statement AND a tool that works. Here’s how to use them:

Step 1

Best Friends wristband

Purchase Wristpect Sport! wristbands. Choose a wristband that suits your style. There are cheaper wristbands are made of 100 percent cotton. Cheaper is NOT better. Wristpect Sport! wristbands are 80% cotton and 20% spandex. Whether you sweat little or if you sweat profusely, a WS! wristband can handle it.

Step 2

Pull the wristband down your forearm to the end of your wrist. Do not cover your wrist completely, as you must keep maneuverability in your hand. Keep the wristband in the appropriate spot, so your wristband will absorb the sweat trickling down your arm and keep your hand dry. A lighter grip on the racket helps players perform at a better level.

Step 3

Jayci infinity wristband

Wipe the sweat from your forehead. When playing a match or practicing, sweat can roll down your forehead and ultimately into your eyes. Use your wristband to wipe the sweat from your forehead as often as necessary.


Step 4

When people sweat, the wristband absorbs it, which can make other wristbands soggy and loose. WS! wristbands have use an extra layer of Sweat-Ban™ material that keeps the outer layer that wipes the face fresh and dry no matter how much sweat is absorbed in the terry under side. So, throw extra WS! wristbands in your racket bag in case your partner forgets to bring one!

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