What are you made of?

Infinity on JayciIt’s match point and it’s your serve, the question asked is, “What are you made of?”  Will you play to win or will you play to not lose?  Fact: the athlete who answers that he/she plays to win is the one who finds success more often than the one who plays to not lose.



The first time you saw a Wristpect Sport! wristband you probably asked, “What is this made of?”  Our wristbands have a two-ply construction. The top layer is our Sweatban™ wicking fabric and the bottom layer is a lush absorbent 100% cotton terry. We play to win at Wristpect Sport! but we wanna look good doing it! We want you to look good too.



Next time you find yourself playing, we ask you to sweat hard however, sweat fashionably by adding a little wristpect to your courtrobe. 

And let's always remember to play to win!

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