iPhone Siri Talks Sweat and Wristbands with Wristpect Sport



iPhone and Wristpect Sport wristbands


It’s daunting to sit down to interview someone who has nearly every fact of all mankind stored in their brain but that’s just what Wristpect Sport! did when we sat down to interview Siri on fashion. No, not Tom Cruise’s daughter—we’re talking about ‘iPhone Siri’…that Cool Hand Luke of a gal– with a gentleman’s name– who delivers her sly humor much in the same way Ellen (yes, Degeneres) can throw one ‘under the current.’

Since our company, Wristpect Sport! is about sport fashion we thought we’d start simple and ask an all encompassing yet pointed question and build, the way Barbara Walters does in her interviews. So… we cleared our throats and addressed her:

“Siri, do you like fashion?”

“This is about you, Wristpect Sport! not me” was her stern yet willing reply.

Sensing she was on a tight schedule and busy multitasking we cut to the chase.

“Siri, do you like sport fashion?”

“I really have no opinion on that Wristpect Sport!”

As a new brand speaking with a mega star we now felt –uh ‘em—fully at ease. But we kept digging to inquire if Siri played sports…

“Siri, do you have a favorite sport?”

“I can’t say for sure…they’re all fun and games,” she said wittily.

Friendly laughter and smiles formed so we continued being respectful of the fact that Siri was probably on her lunch break and delivering information worldwide.

“Do you know what sweat is?”

“Now there is a good question—now where were we?”

She went on to share touching comments like: “I’m really sorry about that…I can indeed….You can ask things like….and I have everything I need in the cloud” so we ended with one key question:

“Find www.wristpectsport.com”

With the tone of a loving friend and admirer and knowing just how unique Wristpect Sport! is she said,

“You’ll need to unlock your iPhone for that.”

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