The True Contents of Your Gym Bag, Desk or Car

True Candle Box Holder



I’ve always believed the contents of your gym bag, desk, or car to be glimpses of the mental monkeys that flit about ones brain. Should that scare me? Should that scare you? Let’s take a look and lets be honest…

I’ll start with truth: I have a container on my desk (formerly a candle holder) that states: ‘True’; a deflated football from my childhood that my dad and I used constantly–I wanted to be a wide receiver in the NFL. I still do. I’m female. A paperweight states: ‘Laugh often, dream big–reach for the stars’… paperwork, favorite books, vitamins, a mini beach cruiser car doubling as a clock and all things Apple.

In my ‘ride’ one can find an inspirational soothing green journal from my BF. A happy purple leather jotter, for more motivational thoughts, a jar of nuts, the dogs seat belt, reusable grocery bags…a survival backpack…and G.I Joe with the Kung Fu grip– just kidding.

It’s my gym bag—actually, my tennis bag– that shows quirks of a serious athlete coupled alongside sentiments from the people that surround her:

iPod or iPhone for tunes
Ankle brace- unused- I worked through the pain.
A greeting card from my high school tennis coach with a penny taped inside and these words: “There would have been more if you’d won state”…I finished 2nd.
A picture of my son at 3 years old– goofy beaming smile taped to a Star Wars drawing; the force is with me during every point, every game, every match.
Pink tennis balls from a dear friend who is, ‘all things pink.’
Wristpect Sport! wristbands…fresh packs on standby…used sweaty ones and naturally a huge assortment to choose from.
A piece of green ribbon my mother had pinned on something and that I believe possesses the goodness of her. Translation: it’s good luck.
See, that wasn’t so scary. Shout back and let us know what little quirks you carry in your bag (or have on your desk). Best of luck on the court & in the gym!

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