Think Outside the Box, OR French Fry Bag


 Tennis Court


‘Thinking outside the box’ for tennis players could mean disaster in many cases; BUT the best do! All great athletes see and use geometry. They view the playing field through another lens. When doing so they become artists of their given canvases creating shots, lanes, and space, where there was not.

Try it! Use your peripheral vision, see the court not just as a straight set of lines with a net in the middle; push beyond those confines to see more!

Wrispect Sport! embraces this kind of uncommon and artistic approach to both sport and sport fashion! We’ve crafted our own phrase for when we need to push the outer limits with our wristband designs; we say, ‘Think outside the french-fry bag.’ It has more ‘flava’ and motivates us like you wouldn’t believe.

Watch these WAY ‘outside the french fry bag’ shots all while catching a music vibe!



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