Winter Olympic 2014 Spirit

Sochi Olympics 2014

Within a two-week time frame here in the United States celebrate the achievements of our best actors (Oscars), football teams (Super Bowl), singer/songwriters (Grammys) and winter sport athletes of all kinds (Winter Olympics).


We at Wristpect Sport! celebrate too! One of our newest wristband packs showcases our American pride. Let us introduce you to Free/Spirit. We respect the sacrifices made by all those who achieve. No one is given an award, a title, or a medal they earn it.

We know it’s cold outside in most of the country right now but we believe that it’s never too cold to sweat or to look fashionable while sweating! You could be heading to the gym to milder temps for your cardio, weight training, yoga, workout class or maybe you play an indoor sport—basketball, racquetball, squash, or tennis but you are heading there to sweat.  WS! celebrates your efforts and strives to keep you fashionable, check out our newest designs and always:

Play Your Sport With Wristpect!

Wristpect Sport new wristbands 2014

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