Etiquette with Wristpect in mind

Delaplaine's court rules

Delaplaine’s Country Club Tennis Rules is perhaps the Ultimate Club Tennis Handbook for those who love tennis. Here are some of her tips for on court sweat management:

1) Keep a monogrammed towel handy so that your friends avoid the embarrassment of accidentally using your towel.WS!(Perhaps just keep your towel by your bag and then you won’t confuse it with other player’s towels, no need to monogram it)

2) It is much more discreet to gently dab your brow than to wipe your face on your sleeve so the use of a wristband is recommended.WS!(For sure!)

3) It is more attractive to use a wristband to wipe your brow than to blacken a shirtsleeve during a match.WS!(That’s why we’ve unleashed fashion and color so you don’t have to worry about make-up stains)

4) Wristbands get soaked or show dirt so it is often necessary to change your wristband during a match.WS!(Our unique 2-Layer design mops up ALL your sweat and stays dry to the touch so you never need to change it out during a match!)

Every Wristpect Sport! wristband wearer I know will tell you that WS! wristbands are definitely more attractive and more effective than other wristbands. Whether or not they are more discreet is something we will let consumers debate.

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