The Heart of Sweat Management

Sweat management is at the heart of this little company known as Wristpect Sport! We take pride in producing fashionable AND functional sweatbands to mop the sweat or as we call it, liquid awesomeness, produced during competition. 


At Wristpect Sport! we don’t just think about how to mop sweat, we want to take a moment to ask competitors to remember that hydration is a key element for health and the ability to compete at highest levels. It is important to drink plenty of water everyday and especially the day BEFORE you are competing. It is not good enough to simply drink while you are playing.  


Keeping your body’s balance of sodium/potassium is also very important. So include an electrolyte drink in your bag along with your water. Be careful, all electrolyte drinks are not alike. Read the label and choose wisely, not too much sugar with a balance of sodium AND potassium.

hydration for sweat management 

Remember once you feel thirsty you are already in the first stage of dehydration.

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