The Sand Between Your Tennis Toes

Ahhh, the beach! Whenever I arrive at one I switch to relax mode yet try not to worry about my farmer-tennis-tan lines and white feet. Sure, the beach gets a bit messy but the sights, smells and memories out weigh that granular gremlin fondly known as, sand. 

If you too enjoy the beach, like to chase a little yellow ball like a black lab, and travel worldwide then Beach Tennis could be your thing this summer! Not into travel or sand? Fine. You can bring the beach to you by ordering a Beach Tennis set at and place it in your backyard for your next pool party, tennis party or just-because party.

Who Got this party started?

Beach Tennis was formalized in 2005 by New Yorker Marc Altheim who travelled to Aruba (somebody has to travel to Aruba for the rest of us). While there, Marc watched families, athletes and well, beach bums play tennis in the sand. Marc came back home created a Beach Tennis set and was able to get the likes of The Tennis Channel, ITF (International Tennis Federation), Family Circle Cup and others interested. Now, it's a worldwide sport with key tournaments throughout. 

No Bounce Play

Beach tennis requires little more than a net, some paddles a ball and yes, granular bliss. It can burn more calories than your beach loving mind can count, involves a lot of sweat AND usually ends up in gut splitting laughs with friends over the no bounce rule! Just like volleyball, the depressurized tennis ball is hit out of the air. You'll need to be told this 3-5 times before your tennis muscle memory will respond; so again, hit the ball out of the air! Scoring is the same as tennis: 15, 30 , 40 and no-ad at deuce. 

What's a Beach Tennis ITF G1 Triangle?

Like Buddy the Elf says in the movie 'Elf', "What's a Christmas-gram? I want one!" Simply put, The Beach Tennis Triangle is 2014's Tournament dates:

  • August 21-24th Long Beach, NY
  • August 26-27 Bermuda
  • Ausgust 29-31 Puerto Rico

Let us know if you've ever tried Beach Tennis or seen it played during your travels. And oh, you'll find you can get your feet tan while playing the sport.

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