Getting the Swing of It

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Repetition is when mechanics or ritual are in bloom. We start by going through the motions, then repeating them so eventually, we flower into, getting the swing of 'it.' Take my dog for example…he's clearly got the swing of it when he sneakily and successfully swipes my favorite throw blanket, daily!

Ultimately we want repetition to be second nature; it's critical in life and sport. But in order to get the swing of it you first have to get into the swing--and they're two different things. Here's where motivation begs for attention. Just starting to clean your closet, write 'that' book, master your backhand, or say 'hi' to the new neighbor is difficult.The solution? Just start. I know, you're thinking: 'Surely she's not getting paid for this simplistic advice?!' No, I'm not but I'm honored if I can help motivate even just one soul by showing them good ol' kinetic energy is indeed the way to having a shot at getting the swing of anything.

If I'm rusty in tennis, I find my mojo (for not only the serve but all my strokes) and get into the swing of it by starting with my serve. I've deemed myself the 'Blue Collar Worker of tennis.' So for me, I just start and work hard! It's me, a court, and a hopper. Then it's me unleashing all heck into both service boxes over and over so when it's match time the mechanics, and the nerves are in check. Yep, repetition has served me well.

Start on that stroke or that dream of yours today and let it blossom through a little repetition and hard work; you'll get the swing of it in no time!

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