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Birthday Cake and gift ideas from Wristpect Sport


We celebrate you, your sport and your sense of style so why not celebrate your parties too?! O.k., we'll admit not everyone thinks of sweat accessories for birthday gifts but many of us WILL sweat it as we scramble and search for that last minute gift that rings useful, clever and will make us the 'hit' of the party.

Our wristband designs are so colorful and packaged so tastefully they're walking Martha Stewart adorned tokens, worthy of any party!

Tie a little curly ribbon around them, write 'you've got game!' on a greeting card and stand back; the birthday gal, chick, guy or teammate will forever be changed when they sweat in fashion at their next game, match, workout, or run!

  • Teammate birthday party gifts
  • Doubles partner gifts
  • Team parties (try these decorating ideas for your party here: Women's Tennis World 
  •  Kids birthday parties…kids LOVE 'bracelets' and our wristbands have been deemed the 'bracelets for sweat!' Use as a the main gift for the birthday boy/girl, or in goodie bags for the party attendees.

Happy Birthday, happy sweating and we hope all your wishes come true in sport and life!




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