Mylan World Team Tennis

Mylan WTTWorld Team Tennis

On the heels of having written about the lack of commercial airtime for doubles tennis, let me shamelessly promote the World Team Tennis league. The league is comprised of 7 teams and Texas is home to two of them, Irving’s Texas Wild and Austin’s Aces.

The format for play involves women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles—all in one match! It’s almost like a mini slam finals!

Texas Wild Team Tennis

While most professional tennis calls for fans to be reserved and quiet, WTT tennis is anything but quiet. The music is loud and the commentary banter funny. The players all look like they are having fun entertaining the crowds by playing great tennis. These tennis venues allow you to watch tennis close up. It feels as if you really meet the players. The flavor of a WTT match is nothing like that of regular tennis. It’s more like Davis Cup on steroids.

If you are looking to watch professional tennis, WTT tennis is a great place to go. Support your local team, I am and I can’t wait! I’ve gone WILD for Texas tennis!


Oh, and just one more thing as long as I am shameless about my promoting, check out the unique wristbands of the Texas Wild

Texas Wild World Team Tennis Schedule

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