The Eyes Have It

Surely everyone has heard or read something about learning styles. There are visual learners and auditory learners and tactile learners. I tend to be a visual learner but when it comes to learning something about playing a sport I don’t really learn a new skill until I go out an apply it.

I love to play tennis and no matter how old I get I still think there are things I can learn to make myself a better player. I watch it live and on TV and I still like to drill. I was recently part of a drill where we were practicing our short net game. It was a really fun fast paced drill that kept us all moving. In fact, we moved so much that even though we were indoors, within 15 minutes everyone was sweating. 


Craig Bell and Dr. Joy Macci Baby Boomer TennisOur instructors were Dr. Joy Macci  and Craig Bell from Baby Boomer Tennis. Dr. Joy was knowledgeable and articulate and always gave us a visual example of what she wanted us to do because she stressed to us how important it was for us to see what she was teaching as much as to hear  her describe to us what she was teaching.









I’ve always said that I am a visual learner and not an auditory learner but she said that no matter what kind of learner you are it is important to visually see what you are trying to learn to do in sports. I could not agree more. The game of doubles is truly different than singles and to learn to play it better really requires watching the high level players play it. If only the media televised more doubles! Maybe the question is “If they televised it would we watch it?” I know I would tune in but would you?


Join Dr. Joy and Craig at the Texas Wild for their  very special 2 on 2 Boomer GrandSlam Doubles Knockout Competition at the final home matches. Check it out on YouTube. 


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