The Sweatiest Things--airborne!

There it is, coming at you end over end, sweat flinging over the heads of those in the crowd and you…catch it!! Fantastic AND yuck all at the same time! What is it you wonder?

Why one of the most functional necessary accessories of professional tennis players and athletes worldwide. An item customarily thrown into the stands post event because: one, it’s easier than throwing a shoe and two, this little item seems an economically wise choice, due to its supposed inconsequential value.

My shoe hint above and this picture surely helps you guess that I’m writing about the wristband, yes?

Andy Murray Wimbledon tennis with a wristband

But is it fair to say the wristband is of little importance when many a pro athlete is seen putting their lucky wristband on with such intense ritualistic fashion, it’s as if it’s their armor?! Indeed the wristband is of value and worthy of any epic sport battle!

Honestly, the sweatiest wristband I’ve been witness to is, when I met Andre Agassi years ago,post match. I knew I only had milliseconds with the star yet was taken by the young boy standing near me waiting to meet his idol. Some might ask for a hug, kiss or ‘rock star undies’, I asked for Andre’s wristband, for the boy. Andre Agassi wearing wristbandsAndre obliged and launched it to me while also taking a moment to visit with me and the young boy.


I knew that moment was HUGE for that boy, but I never knew that ‘wristband moment ‘ would be equally memorable to me, and lead to a Sweat Management company!

I’m happy to now be a part of giving the wristband its due props with our style of fashion ‘cause the wristband does after all serve a great purpose!

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