Yia-Yia Inspired Fashion

She came to the US on a boat at 17 with the memories of dirt floors, farm living and her Greek ‘Horio’ (village) behind her. She was a scrappy girl who milked goats and was known as a ‘snake wrangler’-- as a baby she innocently squeezed a small snake in her hand, as she lay under the trees of the Greek countryside as her parents worked the farms.

With no more than a middle school education she had learned the trade of sewing. When she entered the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave she had her trade, her sisters and the dream of changing that indelible moment of her childhood that made her families poverty evident; her father had told her they had no money –not even enough for the church giving tray.

Her trade took her first, to Neiman Marcus where the affluent regulars sought her out to alter their clothing. Neiman’s turned into her owning her own alteration shop in one of the wealthiest cities in Dallas, Texas. Over time, her family grew successfully and she retired because she was now a 'Yia -Yia' (grandmother).

One day, I needed help for a product idea. And there was Yia-Yia ready to help our team with taking the simplest fabric based idea and sewing it ‘to life.’ It wasn’t a noble idea, like a cure for a disease; yet it had never been done before.

Yia Yia had sewn our first Wristpect Sport wristband sample.

It was an immensely helpful visual that enabled our factory to replicate it, thus making mass production possible!

All Wristpect Sport wristbands are Yia-Yia inspired bits of fashion.

OPA and ‘afharisto ‘ (thank you) Yia-Yia!

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