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Ziplining Hilton Head- Wristpect Sport


To some a good book can trek along and provide plenty of adventure. Others are compelled to jump out of an airplane to feel like they’re living! I’m NOT one of those people. Similar to the pact parents make to, ‘never wake a sleeping baby’, I’ve made an agreement with myself to never jump out of a perfectly good plane! But, I do like adventure and I got it recently while on a trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


Hilton Head is known for miles of beaches, biking and food but I encountered ‘a lowcountry high’ above the trees with the folks at Zipline Hilton Head during my first zipline experience.


I wondered how I would define ziplining to my mother and substantiate my sense of adventure that entailed dangling from a nylon rope attached by two pieces of metal hardware to a cable high above the trees that would result in me zipping along at speeds in excess of 30 miles an hour or more… but, adventure was calling…


A zipline suit consists of: a ‘diaper-like backpack,’ a helmet and workmen’s gloves. Over three hours in 100% tropical humidity and at –sometimes- dizzying heights I gained respect for those dingy grey gloves that functioned as my brakes for stopping on the zipline.


Once safely back on the ground, I was drenched in sweat, laughing, and filled with appreciation for Zipline Hilton Heads professional and safety oriented staff; I had swung through the jungle! The sound of ‘zip’ wasn’t necessary to confirm my living but it did contribute to a heightened sense of adventure.


(Should you partake in this same adventure on Hilton Head Island, I highly suggest you ask for Chandler, Dakota and Barb to be your guides! They’re funny, good listeners and HUGE on safety!)





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