Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve Requires the Right Shirt

Emotions are HUGE in sports! I get goosebumps thinking back to key tennis or sports moments when I've watched my favorite professionals crush it, gut it out and find a way to win! Soulful human emotion came from unknown depths ranging from both primal to poetic! These emotions were seemingly worn on the sleeves of these great athletes; public for all to see!

I can relate. I'm an athlete and person unafraid to wear my heart on my sleeve in both sport and life. I gravitate towards the passion and likes of, Italians and Greeks.  Think BIG hand gestures, big smiles, and a voice and laughter that is unafraid to be heard. On court, think HUGE high fives, motivational support that may sound something like: 'Come on Irish woman we can do this!' And serious eyes that lock in on my opponent/s.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve morphed into pondering the notion -literally- as we entertained the idea of our own line of Wristpect Sport T-shirts. Years on tennis courts and our quest for comfortable functional and fashionable tops became of genuine interest.

While exploring suitable materials, we discovered we're a mix between a five year old boy, and possibly a 55+ year old woman:

  • We DON'T like itchy tags but we DO like color.
  • We don't want to feel like we're wearing a midriff top while raising our arms on court.
  • A shirt should look great AND feel like a yummy soft hammy down first time it's put on.
  • Life has shown us that you should be unafraid to proclaim there's 'No place I'd rather be!' and you should in fact, be doing the things you love!
  • Humor is vital in both sport and life!

We hope you like our new Sport Fashion Unleashed T-shirts and tops collection!

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve in sport?

What do you think makes for an ideal T-Shirt/top? 

Have a suggestion?

Email us at: bounceback@wristpectsport.com






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