Do you Tweet OR Quack?

This social media thing is really something! 

With all there is to know you're likely to find us quacking, squawking or tweeting on any given day at our Headquarters office; but by golly we're bound and determined to always make our social media 'noises' upbeat and unique. And I gotta tell ya, while we're on the topic of comparing tweets to quacks our first tweet to a star personality wasn't half bad! It was within the character limits, kinda spunky and went straight to Ellen DeGeneres twitter account.

Unafraid, we tweeted something like: 'Hey all u lil' birdies, we're new to chirping…'

We're still awaiting the response from Ellen but aren't sweating the fact that her schedule is full and tweets possibly tardy. Go ahead, further our cause and tweet her yourself, tweet: Ellen: '@wristpectsport wants 1 chirp from you!'

We've also tweeted 'chocolate' and 'sweat' in the same sentence and lived to smile about it. And, we find it interesting to follow other stars like Eugenie Bouchard Shane Bacon Billie Jean King and Robert Downey Jr. Our real stars are our friends and followers and you know who you are!

Cool thing is, when done right, social media really does showcase the human experience and how each of us encounters similar milestones, roadblocks, joys and humor in life. 

We cherish learning about others and their sports journeys through social media AND appreciate when they find value, fashion and humor in following our journey! 

Follow us on social media AND/OR QUACK us back at:…tell us your email address and we'll send money saving coupons straight to you! 


Wristpectfully & with a waddle in our step,

Your WS Sweat Mgmt. Engineers

Wristpect Sport Tweet Vs. Quack photo

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