Tea, tee, or T?


Ever wonder who invented the T-shirt or why we call it a T-shirt? Well, no one can say for a fact where the name originated or just who invented it but here is what I learned.


One thought is that the T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century, miners and stevedores adopted them as a convenient covering for hot environments. Many think the name is derived from its shape, like a T.


Originally these basic shirts became popular after they became a standard issue to the military following the Spanish-American War of 1989 and even more so after 1913 when issued by the U.S. Navy for WWI. Their popularity grew as they were worn by various industries, including agriculture. By the Great Depression, the T-shirt was often the default garment worn by farmers. In 1951 Marlon Brando turned the undergarment T-shirt into a stand-alone garment in the film A Streetcar Name Desire. Since then their popularity has grown as the T-shirt has become a way for advertisement, self-expression, and as a souvenir.

Brando wears a T-shirt


There are many fabrics and more styles than ever. Wristpect Sport T-shirts are made from the softest cottons and cut in the most feminine styles. T-shirts are supposed to be comfortable and affordable.


So whether tennis is your therapy, you are a tennis lover, or you are into tennis fashionology, we have got you covered! Look no further, pick out your shirt and express yourself with respect!

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