The Voice of: Go For it!

On any given day, we can choose to be observant and listen. This particular morning my eyes settled on the car in front of me. A festive window decal leapt off the sport vehicle stating:

‘4 out of 5 voices in my head say go for it!’

I was immediately hooked! I smiled and chuckled wondering who’s the piece of work in the car ahead of me?’ But then I realized I’m the same kind of piece of work as that guy or gal! This phrase is sheer brilliance. It works for both sport and life!

As I sat in traffic, I scanned the last few years of my life and realized I DO hear voices. What’s more astonishing is, I’m listening to those ‘guys,’ and going for it! I’m executing and following through! For this, I am thankful.

‘Exhibit A’ (that’s my ‘attorney voice’) has been stating, write a book! I’m two chapters shy of completion.

 Other voices sound like:

 ‘Take your ‘little’ idea off the pages of your journal and do something with it!’.’ I did; but not without the support of my tenacious business partner and the Wristpect Sport team that encompasses friends, family and beyond! Who starts a company with cool wristbands? We do and the journey is amazing!

‘Tennis is Love Actually’ this voice took a little time to surface in my mind as we embarked on our first Wristpect Sport T-shirts/Tops collection. But, we listened to this voice, knowing the phrase elegantly encompassed our love of comedies and nuances of tennis. From junior tennis to collegiate tennis, satellite tournaments for the pro tour, the game continues to call to me, lovingly.

‘Keep volleying!’ As I follow each of our Wristpect Sport junior brand ambassadors and their individual tennis journey’s, or I get to meet and brainstorm with the likes of Billie Jean King, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, and Philip Farmer about tennis and business, I realize, I continue to make room for tennis; even if I don’t get the same kind of playing time as I used to when in juniors or college. I like the sights, sounds, equipment, and fashion of tennis and I vow to KEEP VOLLEYING!

  • ‘Ride 45 miles+ in the next bike race'
  • ‘Hike Camel Back, again! Hike more places on the planet!'
  • 'There's more you can be doing to share your motivation for sport/life...'

The voices in my head are many and continue...

I betcha got some voices in your head saying go for it; and I hope in some small way a bumper sticker, or ‘our voices’ motivate you to do just that!

More importantly, I hope you let me know I’m not alone in hearing these voices. 

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Jennifer Bolen says:

I love this, and I am proud if you guys! I am sharing this with our young riders team.

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