A Jump Suit, Goo & Other Cool Sports Gear

I’ve been an athlete as far as I can remember. Just arriving into the world is an athletic feat in itself; and I wasn’t even a twin. Then, I moved on to crawling, walking, and running; which in turn gave way to softball, football, and basketball. Eventually I heard the soulful call of tennis. That game of love really did make me love it then, and now.

Regardless of the sport, there have been many accessories and some really great gear from the ‘Their camp’-- other sport companies-- who make products I’ve purchased myself, or that others have given me. Each has made my play more enjoyable, comfortable or fashionable. 

Cool Sports Gear Wristpect Sport admires: 

  • Gore Bike Wear Jacket- I call this trusty jacket my Jump Suit cause it has zip off/fly away sleeves that convert to a vest so I end up feeling like either Superman, or Dirk Nowitzki from the Mavs. It has 3 back pockets for energy bites, reflective piping and seriously blocks the wind when traveling 18-20+ mph in a artic temperatures. Don’t judge me--I live in Texas.
  • Road ID Bracelet- Anyone who is a cyclist knows this is the must have piece from a safety standpoint AND a fashion angle. Cool rubber or nylon bracelets with metal placards can be engraved with critical phone numbers, emergency info, etc. I use it when I ride but have also placed one on all family members when traveling so we look cool but don’t have any Home Alone ‘KEVIN!’ moments.
  • Shoe Goo My first GOO-d fashion statement when playing junior tennis. Mom and Dad did a tremendous job of buying me multiple pairs of shoes during my intense tournament schedule but we still tried to squeeze every bit of wear out of each pair by dabbing this on the toe of the shoe I drug the most during my service motion and ‘groundies.’
  • Prince Racket Bag- I’ve played with many a rackets: Prince, Donney, ESTUSA, but am a Wilson girl at heart. And I so badly want to use a Babalot racket and have yet to hone in on the ideal frame for my serve and volley continental grip playin’ style. But it was this one particular Prince bag (from back in the day) that I grew fond of because of it’s multi-compartments that allowed for organization. I even added a USTA lanyard on one zip pull, differentiating my racket compartments by string tension so I could grab what I needed to take my opponent to the brink.
  • Amphipod Lock-On Micropack- This little device is about the size of my hand, made of neoprene and a comfortable clip that attaches to your waist band. Awesome for carrying drivers license, credit card and a few bills while hiking, walking, hitting the beach and traveling light. And it really stays secure!
  • There’s my Go Pro camera and others but HOLD IT...Wait for it...it’s the pride I have for the way we’ve cleverly designed:

 Wristpect Sport wristbands

 …they're both functional and fashionable and meet the needs of all levels of tennis players and athletes.

So yeah I can honestly say, I have Wristpect Sport Wristbands Unleashed at the top of my gear list!


 Have a favorite sport accessory or wear a jump suit with pride?

 Comment and/or share a picture and help spread the word on cool gear!



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