Being Present with a Present (The Art of Gift Giving)

This time of year much revolves around presents, gifts and giving. My mother is the one who taught me the art of gift giving.

The art of it, the secret of it, is to always work from the heart. From family to friends to a stranger, you have to be vulnerable enough and clever enough to show the recipient you understand their life, their likes, and that which moves them. You must really be present when selecting the present.

 My mom’s Christmas presents always bear these special touches:

  • Wrapped immaculately. The bows are pristine and the reds and greens of the season are always the most festive. Hers are down right magical!
Christmas Present
  • Penmanship on the tiny card should always show precision and care. Be proud to pen your name on that which you give another.
  • One need not spend a ton of time finding the gift but my mom does. How do I know this? Because we both suffer from that ‘syndrome’ called, ‘I-might-find-something-better-itis.’ We don’t buy the first thing we see but often do end up circling back to the first store. Annoying--- almost agitating, but very satisfying!
  • Give the gift ON THE DAY of the event. Not late. It is so moving when timed perfectly.
My mom’s a tennis player too. In fact, she’s the one who got me interested in the game so naturally, she knows a bit about Wristpect Sport.

We talked recently and without any intent to sway you, the reader, you should know mom did say our wristband packaging-- with festive wristbands nettled within--exudes quality. Of course I'm being slightly bias here but I find it is my duty to share a mothers wisdom; because you know, mom's are always right! 

Mom specifically likes the size and feel of our signature retro paper envelope in her hands. She finds its neutral color ideal for adding a tri-blend of brightly colored curly ribbon (another thing she’s a pro at and which I am NOT!). And though it made her shudder, she noted, for 'those non-wrappers, your wristbands are ideal ‘peeking’ out of a stocking.'


Finally she made sure to choose these words carefully so as not to offend me when she stated:

 ‘…Your products are not expensive but they translate to quality and are perfect for friends, neighbors…you could feel good about giving them...’

As she was saying this, my mind had a quick-vision of mom going door to door giving wristbands to the neighbors in her retirement community; regardless of whether those neighbors play, or like sports!

As I close on today’s thoughts, I realize my mom has shown me HOW to give a tangible gift but in doing so, showed me others are really the true gifts. Thank you Mom!

If you aspire to higher wrapping standards like I do, click here, The Mother Huddle












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