New Sport Accessories with Style and Spirit


This holiday we're continuing with tradition and giving each of our NEW wristband packs a unique name. These styles just 'skated' in for the holiday season and here's how each was born out of spirit and fun:

Amid our journey this season, we find ourselves, looking through a Kaleidscope of sorts and focusing on sport fashion. It's clear that our junior tennis athletes level of play and school grades are such that they could attend any Ivy League school and most likely will end up in the Winners Circle in their sports events.

Women tennis players at any level continue to be keen on fashion! From Diamonds & 'Courtz,' and everything in between, these ladies often deem themselves Dynamic Duo's in both their play and court style!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas but more importantly this holiday, we wish for World Peace.

SPECIAL NOTE: 'That there' picture (above) was taken by a loyal friend/supporter of our company! Now that's teaming! Thank you. 


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