Hot or Cold

I think most sports began as outside sports. Not all, but most. Some of them were designed for winter months, like the Winter Olympic sports, and some were designed for summer months, like the Summer Olympic sports. Some sports enthusiasts, like myself, like to play our summer sport all year long, even if we are playing it outside and even if that means that some days we are playing in 100 degree weather and other days it is 45 degree weather.

I feel pretty certain that most people if given the choice would prefer to play in 75-85 degree weather. (A lot like playing indoors)

Frozen tennis court

But if I had to choose between playing in the cold or playing in the heat, I am much happier to compete in the heat.

For me there are a few key factors of influence: 

  • My body hurts more in the cold—it’s true, just moving feels less native when I am cold.
  • It’s harder to feel warm in the cold than cool in the heat.
  • Layer upon layer of clothing makes all shots harder and tennis is hard enough in the first place!
  • What should I wear, what do I need to wear to be warm enough but not too hot?
  • My really cool Wristpect Sport wristbands look better with sleeveless tops
  • Bottom line it’s more clothes to wear, more to buy, more to wash, more to fold, more to pack…you see where I’m going with this?


What about you? What would you choose-hot or cold?


tennis in indian wells california


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