What Do You Crave- Sport Snacks that Sustain

I am a ‘bonker.’ Don't worry, I don't always make it a habit of using such an odd sounding, potentially confusing term when sharing a bit about myself. For instance, I don't offer my hand (adorned with our fashionable wristbands) while working out or on court and say, 'Hi, I'm a bonker...' but, I'm in a revealing mood. I'm sharing, what bonking is and how it affects tennis players, athletes and all of us. Yes, you too may be a 'bonker'; but I'm not judging.  

Bonking is that moment where athletic fatigue sets in largely due to nutrition and glucose level imbalance, or deficit. Cyclists and elite athletes try to avoid this body and brain-sapping foe like the plague.

Personally, I think we all can ‘bonk’ regardless of whether we’re playing sports. Example, I’m hungry as I sit in my chair and write this. If I don’t take action soon, my body temperature could get slightly warmer, and I may start to feel woozy... hunger crazies set in, irritability levels rise, and a possible headache could ensue.

While the Hunger Games books and movies are all the rage this year, I've been doing some of my own Hunger battling to ensure I stave off bonking! I've learned to follow the cows, and their grazing ways to help sustain my glucose levels throughout my workout, or the day. 

Whether you’re an equestrian, cyclist, tennis player, yoga yogi, ballerina or novelist, these 3 scores from my local stores may be a good option for you too. I now crave the following products and find I feel satiated after only small amounts. I particularly like that they're decent choices for eating lean:


  • My latest find! Costco!
  • Sounds really odd but the Black Cherry Barbecue Pork version is awesome!
  • Rip off a few hunks pre-match, pre-whatever and you’ll get some immediate righteous protein that will make you feel powerful!
Krave Pork Jerkey shared by Wristpect Sport

Blue Diamond Almonds

  • Remember these things? They come off trees. Doesn’t get anymore organic than that!
  • Get them anywhere. Walmart…who knew?!
  • Get the lightly salted/Sea Salt version you’ll actually taste what an almond should taste like!


  • Electrolyte hydration drink tablets
  • Wristpect Sport deals with sweat daily. And while we make fashionable tennis wristbands and other sport accessories that help you manage your sweat on the outside, we also believe you need to ensure you manage your sweat on the inside!
  • Electrolyte depletion combined with bonking is a bad situation
  • NUUN has no sugar, no dye’s, no this, no that. We’re surprised they even exist, but are glad they do!
  • Choose from cool flavors (tropical, grape, strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, etc)

 Sharing food tips is a loving thing to do. So we hope you feel loved and will help share more love. Comment and share your tips here OR on our Facebook page.

 What do you use crave pre, during and post match or workout?








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