It's all about that ball, no treble

Meghan Trainor all about the bass no trebleThere is Penn, PrinceWilson, Dunlop or countless other brands but no matter what the brand, you need a ball to play tennis. Of course a court with a net and a racquet is needed as well, but when you are facing an opponent, it’s the ball that you really need to concentrate on.

I have never played tennis for money, or on scholarship, I play for the love of sports and competition. So, what I mean is this advice is worth what you paid for it! And my advice is to play the ball.

I play ladies who slice and dice, hit huge topspin, serve and volley, lob, poach, and push. They would love for me to play their game their way and forget about what I do best. I find that it helps me to play my game when I concentrate on the ball itself rather than who is hitting it at me.  I can be more consistently me when I focus on a constant like Prince or Penn rather than a person, whom I may have never met before or worse have played numerous times resulting in a loss or two.

What I focus on every match must be consistent if I am to play consistently. What I eat and what I wear are two things that I can control to ensure my comfort as I play. I eat the same foods pre match so I have the optimal energy as I play and I wear comfortable, fashionable apparel so my movement is unrestricted and I’m not too hot or too cold. I want to look and feel good when I’m sweating it up. I have become one who wears a wristband. And I love my Wristpect Sport wristbands. They feel great on but are there for me when I'm not on a changeover or heaven forbid I need a tissue. (I’m just saying)

In theory tennis is a simple game, in theory. Hit the ball over the net and inside the court more times than your opponent and you win. Yes, I know it is not really so simple, but take my simplistic advice the next time you play a match. Play the ball rather than your opponent and see if that doesn’t help keep tennis simpler and no treble.

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