But what does it do?

Sonic wears a wristband

I wear a wristband/sweatband that helps me wipe the sweat off of my face in between points when I play tennis. In the past I didn't wear one, but since I started working at Wristpect Sport I started wearing them. Just how credible would I be as a salesman espousing the benefits of a Wristpect Sport wristband if I didn’t wear one? So in the interests of salesmanship and credibility I started wearing a wristband while playing tennis.

I have many people look at the uniquely patterned and designed WS wristbands and ask me, “What do they do”? I am a little surprised by this, but I shouldn’t be and I should note it as a real compliment. Why? Because it means that a WS wristband appears distinctly different, so different in fact as to beg the question, "What does it do"?

Wristpect sport winners/circleSo what do I actually tell the people who ask me what does it do? The easy quick answer is: It wipes the sweat from my face in between points when I can’t get to a towel. The complicated answer: The outer sweat-ban ™ wicking material stays dry even after it wipes off my sweat, the inner cotton terry fabric absorbs any left over liquid awesomeness i.e. sweat!

It’s a simple thing and on many days it is more like a fashion accessory than it is a functional product. But, on those days when the temperatures run really high and/or the humidity is high, it is a much-needed mini towel that keeps my eyes from burning and my hand gripping my racquet.

Maybe in the past I didn't wear a wristband, but times are a changing and WS wristbands have changed the way I dress for tennis!

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