Ivy League Tennis Accessories

March on into the new month, St. Patty’s Day, and spring with a touch of green via this lovely Ivy League wristband set. Just a glance and a touch of our lush fabrics will make you feel prestigious, pretty, and fashionable such that you'll be playing in a league of your own!

Art mirrors life and this pairs design is the real thing! Delicately hand drawn designs -inspired by nature- and brought to you by our awesome graphic artists incorporates soft colors that pair well with current popular tennis apparel. But don’t let the delicate design and softness of the colors fool ya; these babies can take puddles of sweat yet supply you with both absorption and a drier feel (a feature we call, SWEAT-BAN technology). The result, your face receives a less soggy reception during each point.

We’re so proud of this wristband set that we’re sure you’ll make everyone ‘Green with IVY’ by adding this level of fashion detail to your court, road, gym or yoga wear.

Best of luck in your sport this month & always!

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