Tennis Team Swag, Uniform Fashion and the Journey!

Here's my poetic view of a sports team:

A team is a group of souls whose walk of life has sewn them together-- at the exact time and place in the universe to leverage upon one another while enjoying the privilege of play, and focusing on a set of shared goals.

Whew! A bit deep yes, but I’ve always felt a team is not separate from your actual life. Toss up a ball, smack a high five—right then and there you’re living your life with other souls! 

NEWS FLASH: Over time, a team will morph into a family of sorts bearing its own humor, swag, dysfunction, spirit and fashion. This is where sport--at any level--gets interesting as each team separates itself through both their play AND distinguishing features!

Today we're featuring The Palmas Girls Tennis Team from Puerto Rico…a team with their own swag and fashion!

  • These ladies and their sol drenched tropical location and spirit propels them to seek unique tennis fashion that fits their lifestyle and look.
  •  Lucky for us, the Palmas Girls locked in on our unique tennis wristbands first...
Tennis team wristbands by Wristpect Sport
    Tennis AnyWON team racer back tank top by Wristpect Sport
      • Sure this 100% wicking performance poly material keeps them cooler in their humid temps but The Palmas Girls tell us they like this tops charming snow leopard fashion details and the psychological advantage its graphic phrase gives them each time they step on court…you see, Tennis AnyWON! when viewed, horizontally asks an innocent question but when read, vertically, it declares, ‘I WON!.
      Tennis AnyWON! performance tank by Wristpect Sport

          Have a group of teammates wearing Wristpect Sport fashion and want to be featured showing your swag?

          Do share…we love to hear your stories and receive your pictures!


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