Junior Tennis Players on the Move with Goals & Fashion!

We re-live a bit of our tennis and sport pasts each time our Wristpect Sport junior tennis athletes update us on their journey! But when the parents of these athletes share the exciting stats, pictures and nail biting details, we get drawn in even more.

A recent week started like this when we received an email from Jamilah Snell’s father, Gary:

 Well interesting week.  Because of a glitch Jamilah didn't get selected for our Level 4 event in 14s. Timing of… selection and rankings… Her options were: play 14 qualifier…and if we're going the qualify route, why not play 16s? So we did. And she drew the #1 seed and WON!!!”

This is EPIC and HUGE! It moves us to know that these junior athletes are working, sweating, welcoming challenges and setting goals in tennis and sport. Drawing the number one seed in a ‘16’s’ tennis tournament --at the age of 12-- AND winning the match will not be forgotten by the athlete, her parents, or the Wristpect Sport brand.
No, you will always remember a 3-6, 7-6, 14-12 match, that you WON! A match that made you reach within to ‘keep it between the ditches’ while you tasted 5 match points before wining! This match will serve Jamilah for a lifetime!

Tennis Stats by Wristpect Sport        

Jamilah is on the move for sure with her tennis goals and we couldn’t be more proud. We are equally proud that she chooses to wear our unique fashionable wristbands to mop sweat and show her individuality both in sport and life!

Above, Jamilah is shown wearing 'Giraffe' from the 'Giraffe/G-Floral' wristband set. Interesting, the is is the same set Bethanie Mattek Sands word during her 2015 Australian open doubles win with Lucie Safarova! Jamilah is indeed moving in the right direction!

 Beaming with pride and respect,

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