A Double Take on Tennis' Doubles Partners

Quick, don’t think just react! Who is your all time favorite doubles partner you've played with? No really, let your heart and your inner athlete react…

 …if you worked from the heart, the name of that partner should have hit you fast; you shouldn’t have even had to do a double take or think twice!

Whether you’ve played tennis for 3 months or 30 years you’ve probably played doubles and there’s that one partner who gets you. A partner whose energy is the same as yours, or one that offsets yours. This is the person who’s been there through the grime, time, tiebreakers, miss hits, double faults, and aces!

Doubles is where it’s at for me! I’ve walked shoulder to shoulder with many a partner- dripping with sweat, smacked countless electric high-fives, and been allowed to use my whacky ‘voices and dialects’ to make my partner laugh or dig deep at key moments. I’ve had nerves to the hilt and needed my partner to center me in many a match situation. At other times, I’ve felt fear oozing off my partner and had to find a way to make them believe and find their game.

Bethanie Mattek Sands and Lucie Saforova

In many ways it is the game of doubles (vs. singles) that accentuates the beauty, strategy and humanness of tennis. Doubles forces you to ‘master thy self,’ while shuffling next to another soul, who is simultaneously in the midst of also mastering his or her self. Doubles is just that interesting- that challenging- that fun!

If it’s been a while since you played with ‘that one partner,’ call them! If you’ve never told them they are your favorite, tell them! Life is short- tennis has served you both.

We’ll tell you ours if you’ll tell us yours:

Comment below, or via our Facebook page/post of this story. Tell us who your favorite partner is and if you’re really feeling it, tell us why they’re your favorite.

Women Doubles tennis players

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