You KNEAD Bread and Tennis!


2015 SMU Women's Tennis Team picture shared by Wristpect Sport

It’s true. Bread is one of the most universally loved communal foods and tennis one of the most international and beloved sports. No matter how you slice it, the two go together.

Enter the perfect spring day in Texas: A Saturday, 80 degrees and your alma mater, the University of Kansas is playing against Southern Methodist University women’s tennis team in the city in which you now live, Dallas. A festive bird, the Jayhawk meets a muscular Mustang and it’s a sea of red and blue as both teams sport similar colors. The showdown takes place in the new 45,000 square foot Southern Methodist University tennis complex (at Mockingbird Lane and Highway 75) which was formerly the sacred grounds of one of the premiere Mrs. Baird's Bread baking factories.

As you enter the facility your senses are assaulted with the sounds of tennis balls being spanked by collegiate level players; simultaneously, your nose can almost smell the aroma of the pounds of fresh baked bread that used to be made on this very spot. It’s bliss-- sun, tennis and bread.

Though my alma mater lost this match by one point (3-4), it was a delight to walk this facility and see their 6 outdoor courts AND 6 indoor courts (fully equipped with stadium seating and intelligent digital score boards for each court). The Lady Mustangs and any competitor they host are fortunate to have this type of set up for their collegiate tennis days!

If you live in Dallas you can check out the remainder of both the men’s and ladies 2015 season here: 

SMU Women's Tennis Team 2015 Schedule

SMU MEN'S Tennis Team 2015 Schedule

And, if you’re from out of town, love tennis and bread come check out the facility any time of year, as they are likely to be hosting tennis events for any and all ages and levels.

Now, go get your sweat on with a little tennis, because we people knead our activities, the sun and our daily bread!

(Our 'Free' wristband from the 'Free/Spirit' wristband set was the perfect blue for cheering on BOTH SMU and Kansas!)

Rock Chalk, go Mustangs, and bless Mrs. Baird for baking bread!


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