When Did You First Love Tennis?

Truthfully, I didn’t love it as a young kid when it was first introduced to me!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wanted to be a wide receiver in the NFL. Bowling, golf and tennis were on my ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ list! Bowling shoes (at the time) were ridiculous looking, golf was too quiet (though I wanted to drive the cart…and still do!) and tennis somehow seemed too…?...thinking…still thinking…girlie? Maybe it didn’t seem tough enough during my NFL, soccer, softball stages?? O.k., I’m sorry, it was my initial immature kid view!

My view on tennis all started to change when I was around 14-15 years old. My mom is the person who introduced me to the 'girlie game' she was playing. Somehow she got me out there one day and I realized it was far from girlie! Tennis is a true sport requiring everything from mastery of muscles, mind and timing! Quickly I realized I could whack a ball, travel, win trophies, sweat, and dream of turning pro! I was hooked. I simply fell in love with tennis as a young teen.

When did you fall in love with tennis? 

And, was there somebody who got you involved in the sport?

And by the way, we love all sports now. So, if you bowl (forgive my view on the shoes you wear), play golf (can I drive your cart next round?) or play shuffleboard, we’d like to hear when you first stated loving your sport.

Come on…show us the love! 

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