2 Reasons Why We Love Hearing from Our Athletes!

Some things remain the same. And, some things have changed a lot in junior tennis!

For instance, when I played, I never learned to grip my racket like a frying pan as many juniors today learn with the Western grip. Nope, I learned a Continental grip straight down the middle. To me, today's juniors look like they're cooking Jiffy Pop Popcorn!

Oh that's right, today's juniors have no idea what Jiffy Pop is nor that it was cooked on the stovetop and not the microwave!! 

I promise I'll get to the reasons why we love hearing from out athletes in just a jiffy...

I also never had multiple coaches at one time during my junior tennis days. My coach had to deal with me, my mom, dad and sister had to deal with me and I had to deal with me in terms of both the physical and mental game of tennis! I remember keeping a tennis diary of sorts for all the strategies I was learning and wish I could find it to show you where my mind was at the time; scary as that may be.

O.k., all of these fond memories of junior tennis got stirred up after receiving an update from Wristpect Sport sponsored athlete Jamilah Snell's father, Gary. He sent pictures and informed me that:

"Jamilah was a Gold Ball winner in doubles at the recent USTA Girl's 14's National Championships in Peachtree, GA. She and her partner were the #9 seeds and upset the #1 and #5 seeds then, went on to beat the #2 seeds in the final, 7-5, 6-2!"

Jamilah Snells Wristpect Sport Athlete shown wearing Beach wristband with gold ball award

REASON #1- why we love hearing from our sponsored athletes:

The time these athletes and their families take to share their personal tennis successes keeps us in the know of the sport, what its future looks like through progressing youth and sews their tennis experience to ours. 

Jamilah's father also took the time to write this sentence in his recent email update on Jamilah:

"Jamilah wore her Wristpect Sport 'Sweat Management' wristbands in EVERY MATCH!" 

REASON #2 -why we love hearing from our sponsored athletes:

What we do here at Wristpect Sport is not rocket science nor a cure for a disease but it's super cool to have a kid desire to wear our fashionable sweatband products during their training and match play! We give them wristbands and in return, we get so much! We get to cheer and watch them blossom into better athletes, students and people. Of course their parents enjoy bragging a bit (as we all do) but for these parents to simultaneously write us an encouraging word about our brand is like liquid gold fuel for our staff!

So looking back, in addition to my having a totally different grip, a solo coach (that had to teach me all aspects of the game), I also never had funky wristbands with different colors and patterns to choose from either during my junior years.

I'm not sulking!

I had some sponsorships and it made me 'feel important' and for sure lessened the financial outlay of my parents-- but I'm just sayin' a little flare on the wrist would have been cool too!

The above reasons don't even scratch the surface of our appreciation to our athletes and families! Truly, it's the journey we as a staff get to take with our friends, supporters, juniors like Jamilah, her father, and all of YOU that makes Wristpect Sport what it is!

(Jamilah is shown above wearing our Beach Tennis wristband set) 



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