2017 Begins with SWEAT! We'll be Close at Hand!

Anything worth doing requires hard work and SWEAT!

You can't clean the garage the right way with out sweating. You can't come back from 1 set down in a match without working hard and sweating!

And you can't expect to skate through another the year without a little elbow grease and SWEAT!

Fist pump! We made it to another fresh year! Hard work, sweat and a positive will in as many aspects of our lives as we could muster, got us there!

Wristpect Sport athlete fist pumping with black yellow and white wristband

(Wristpect Sport Athlete Lucas shown wearing 'Ball' wristband from the 'Play Ball!' set)

This year, we'll be challenging ourselves to scale new heights in our unique wristband designs (that's a subtle cryptic hint of things to come--anyone who can guess what 'scaling new heights' means may be eligible for a FREEBIE)! And, we'll continue to be grateful for owning a company based in the positivity of genuine respect.

We hope you'll let us be at hand (o.k. at wrist) to aid you in both your sport goals AND fashion accessories!

So bottoms up and CHEERS to you for a healthy, happy, safe and full year!
Tennis player wearing Wristpect Sport Beach Tennis wristband set
(Athlete shown wearing Beach Tennis wristband set) 
Social Media Spread Love image by Wristpect Sport


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