30 Seconds of Fantasy Tennis with the #1 Doubles Player in the World- Bethanie Mattek Sands

Life is short so you gotta grab the gusto and speak from the heart with your best friends, family, business partners, teammates AND the #1 women's doubles player in the world when you can! 

And that's just what I did with Bethanie Mattek Sands on a recent trip to the BNP Paribas in Indian Wells!

For those that follow our sweaty journey, you know we're fortunate to have Bethanie wear our fashionable wristbands and sweatbands as accents to her maverick-esq tennis style on tour. For those of you that don't know this, where have you been?!! 

Bethanie and her prime doubles partner and amiga, Lucie Safarova now have 10 professional doubles titles to their credit. Big one's! Like most of the majors! This duos real gift though comes in the form of their communication both on and off the court. They keep it real. They have fun and they communicate extremely well! Watch them and you'll see this type of pose--hands to mouths masking their subtly uttered strategies to one another.

  Bethanie Mattek Sands and Lucie Safarova as captured by Wristpect Sport

(Image taken by Wristpect Sport)

But I say, Bethanie and Lucie are NOT always talking strategy!

I say they're horsing around with various code words, comments and inside jokes!

And guess what? That's what makes them successful! That's what keeps them relaxed during stressful moments of any top major tennis tournament in the world.

So, while at the recent BNP Paribas tournament...

...I humbly requested not only a photo opp with Bethanie Mattek Sands BUT I requested a moment of fantasy doubles tennis together!

Bethanie didn't hesitate and we immediately started laughing and leaning in shoulder to shoulder right there on the sidewalk. We were at the US Open for all we knew!

I recall I started by saying: 'I'm serving down the T, you cut it off at net!' This felt natural 'cause Bethanie is the bomb at net and I love to serve (and volley as well).

But, then I hesitated realizing I told the #1 doubles player in the world what our next play was! So I said, "OR, you can serve and I'll cut it off at the net!" Gosh how we laughed!

For those 30 seconds or so, Bethanie didn't care, she just knew we were doubles partners. Our energy and vibe was spunky and positive and she went right into communicating and listening to her partner, me. And, by the way, she has excellent listening skills so that's attractive and honestly, quite charming!

What else did Bethanie and I say to one another during my fantasy doubles moment? Mostly we just laughed but I do distinctly recall bringing the color purple into the moment. Reason being, is Bethanie is seemingly drawn to the color purple as she has a custom purple BMW! And, purple has been my favorite color my whole life. So it was comfortable to suggest our, 'purple razzle dazzle formation' for our next point---to which we both laughed as well!

(This pic captured the Purple Razzle Dazzle moment of doubles strategy I had with Bethanie Mattek Sands)

 Bethanie Mattek Sands & Janelle Sideris share a moment at the BNP Paribas

My 30 seconds of Fantasy tennis with Bethanie during 'our doubles match' was one of the best in my tennis career and...

...we won 'the match' together by seizing the moment through good communication and because we're two souls that gravitate towards humor and good vibes!

A double thank you to Bethanie, for her support AND this moment!









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