Powers Above

It’s been about four years since I was approached by Janelle and asked to consider turning a ‘little idea written in a journal’ into a real marketable, sellable, accessory sport item. Our partnership has turned into Wristpect Sport and our wristbands unleashed!

So much has happened since we sat at my kitchen table and I watched as she presented her idea on how to revolutionize the sweatband for tennis and other sports. In the beginning we both sought to market the idea of turning the white no nonsense and boring sweatband into a fun, fashion savvy, and yet truly functional accessory.

Billie Jean KingBillie Jean KingBillie Jean King

Bethanie Mattek-SandsBethanie Mattek-Sands

Our first presentation to our factory included pictures of Billy Jean King- the iconic tennis player who revolutionized the world of women’s sports and founder of World Team Tennis and Bethanie Mattek-Sands the Lady Gaga of the tennis world. The pictures above are the very ones we used to make our pitch.

What I find interesting and amazing in all of this is how our product development and continued search to find homes for our wristbands lead us to meet both of these women. Some would attribute this to cosmic forces. I prefer to say powers above.

I met BJK at a Texas Wild match last year in July. WS was fortunate to be given the opportunity to create a custom wristband for the Texas Wild, by team owner Jeff Launius. Because of that connection my daughter became one of the team trainers for the Wild and while on site with her during a match I met Billy Jean. Nothing like meeting the woman who almost single handedly opened the door to interscholastic sports for the women of my generation!

Wimbledon Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Now I did not personally meet Bethanie but Janelle was able to meet with her and her husband Justin while she was vacationing in Arizona. In fact she had the above picture autographed personally for me! I have since spoken with Bethanie on the phone and can say with admiration she is as articulate and sweet as she is powerful and cute.

Not everyday sitting at my desk is fun and not every meeting is easy, but I can say that it has been interesting! Honestly when I put together that first presentation on power point and gathered pictures that I felt captured the essence of what we wanted our company to be, I had NO IDEA how poetic those choices would be. Looking back and always going forward, I do believe that all of this has been directed by the powers above.

Thanks again BJK for pioneering women’s competitive sports equality! Thank you BMS for taking our little accessory item onto the BIG STAGE for all to see. Who knows what is next on the horizon?

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

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