Vanilla Bean Tennis Shoes ~ How do you personalize your court shoes?

Nike Ballistic Advantage Tennis Shoe shared by Wristpect Sport

Vanilla is good if you’re trying to take the tartness out of real yogurt, it’s great as flecks of bean in ice cream and wonderful as candle fragrance. But to me, vanilla is no good for tennis shoes! Yes, white tennis shoes have been an institution and tradition (and Wimbledon is about to start) but I, along with others, pined for attitude in our shoes on court for decades! Finally, Asics, Nike, Wilson, and Babalot have all answered the tennis players need and craving for color!

Recently, I purchased a pair of Nike Ballistic Advantage shoes in ‘Yo!-I-am here’ YELLOW and ‘Punched up’ PINK (don’t Google those colors you won’t find them listed that way). They have a very narrow and native fit. Once on court, I forgot I had shoes on. I was stoked to have my happy shoes with both comfort and ATTITUDE!

Then, out of nowhere, I realized I wanted something more………..something…well, vanilla! Women love neutrals what can I say?! Yes, I'm a hypocrite and an example of women and their ever changing minds. So, I did it. I purchased another pair of Nike Ballestic Advantage in White/Platinum (and those ARE the colors listed in Goggle).

Once home, they were whiter than white...

…and since, I’ve got a reputation to maintain I simply could not have this much white! Quickly, before buyers remorse could set in, potentially causing me to return them, I made it my mission to, ‘trick my shoes out!’

  • First, I added the mandatory SofSole Arch support insole that my high arch needs. It’s red and yellow so if you’re near me and happen to look inside my shoe, you see festive colors! Already I was feeling a better vibe…

  • Because Nike dressed this pair with…you guessed it --WHITE laces (and I mean super white!), I then set out on a search to find the perfect pair of colored laces that could pull in hints of some of the key colors I wear. The first pair I tried was a rainbow pattern that looked promising in the store but once laced in, looked ridiculous! So I continued to search. Finally, I found a pair of black laces with a festive hint of silver sparkle. Now I know what you’re thinking:

 What happened to that reputation you have? Sparkle shoe laces!? 

  • But I gotta tell you, when my son put them in, the black from the laces enhanced Nike's whisp of black insole (that I'm sure they added to give their shoe some ummph; realizing they too have a fine reputation to uphold!) The tinge of black sparkle screams: Sharapova! The look is clean, determined, a bit 'evening edgy,' classy, and fashionable. I was, and am happy.
(These pictures were taken just for you and pre court time where they will soon be not so white due to toe drags, scrapes etc):

 Tell us, how do you or your teammates personalize your tennis shoes. Do you add fuzzy dice, shiny rims, or a specialized grill?

 Post your pics on our Facebook page or email them to us at and we’ll post them for you!

Here's a crude sketch showing what a Wristpect Sport shoe pattern could look like someday. A nice compliment to our Wristbands Unleashed product line! You just never know what products we might add in the future…

Here's to keeping in step with fashion and not being too vanilla. 




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