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Between my friends and I, we like to joke about matches that are ‘in lights’ and those that are not. Matches that are ‘in lights’ are those we play in league. They are recorded and anyone can follow them on the Internet. Other matches are the ones we schedule and play on our own. No one records the losses or victories—at least not that I know of!

No Place I'd rather be

ALL of my tennis is for fun and it almost always IS fun. In fact the inspiration for the shirt, No Place I’d Rather Be!, came from my best friend and tennis partner who would tell me when we would play that there was no place she would rather be than on a tennis court, even if we didn’t win! That said, league play has the advantages of being set up for you and allowing players to visit and play at various facilities. Also, it has the advantage of playing against many different people. In some cases, like USTA, teams can advance to the Sectional level and/or even the National level. AND it’s ‘in lights’ so if you win or lose, everyone will know.

In order to play league tennis someone must be brave enough, bold enough, and crazy enough to captain a team. Those brave souls take on the responsibility of committing six or eight people to play on a specific day, specific time, and specific place and it changes each week. If it rains, and it has plenty this spring in Texas, rescheduling for the match becomes yet one more challenge.

It is tennis’ most thankless job and the pay is just as thankless! Back in the day, the captain would spend hours on the phone, calling each player every match to let him or her know if they were in the line-up. Now, with the Internet she emails or texts all the information. Coordinating teammates’ availabilities, partnership preferences, etc. can be challenging at best. My team captain has used a site called TennisPoint to organize her teams. Another site called MyTennisGroup recently approached WS to connect in a partnership. Both of these entities are web-based tennis scheduling solutions.

My Tennis Group

If you are brave enough to be a captain, please check out Being a captain is not easy! Why not let simplify your life? I know I would!

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