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I mean NO BULL with this article!

I started thinking of Rafael Nadal recently (A.K.A. ‘The—Spaniard--Bull’) and his trademark ever constant movement during a pre-match coin toss; along with his overt high step running and jumping as he changes sides of the court during match play. From a 3 set whoopin’ he may hand another to a 5 set nail biter (win or lose), Rafa’s energy is constant.

I see Rafa’s use of energy as one thing and one thing only, genuine intentional self -motivation. Most would say, Bull! They would argue that Rafa is a master of intentional psychological warfare and he’s using outright antics to psyche his opponents out! And I won’t argue that there is indeed plenty of psychological warfare and gamesmanship in tennis from the pro’s to juniors and league tennis. But here’s why I think Rafa’s energy emanates from a place of genuineness:

Nearly everyone on tour is now doing it!

Male and female pro’s alike are now using Rafa’s patented motion formula of, I –still- have- legs- I -can –do- this- all -day -and -all –night- until- I- win!’ . And what does that translate to? The highest form of respect!

Pro tennis players have learned that yes, while it’s unnerving to watch Rafa do this (while he seeks to dismantle you with his game fair and square) it’s actually a motivational jolt intended for within. It's not a dig at his opponent yet it has its perks; it stinks if you’re on the receiving end of such relentless positivity and will. Think of how many times Roger Federer has witnessed this and the tremendous respect he feels towards Rafa with every post match handshake.

Rafa is a self admitted shy man. Recently, via the press, Rafa let it be known that he is human and faces insecurities and some self doubt about aspects of his game. Conversely, Rafa is also a raw warrior, bullish athlete and champion. I truly believe Rafa initiated his motivational leg motions long ago as a way to work 'the willy's out' and as sole motivation for himself. It started as a positive affirmation and has turned into one of his greatest weapons. He is respected for this and never seen as one that uses silly gamesmanship to win a tennis match. Rafa means NO BULL and I so respect that.

What do you do on court to psyche yourself up? Is it well intended, healthy, and void of silly gamesmanship? If so, you’re on your way to being a confident secure and well respected athlete, tennis player and person. People are charmed by such positive energy.

It is our sincerest hope that you find the Wristpect Sport brand and its family of products to also be NO BULL! The idea for the company, its designs and love for the game come from a genuine place that seeks to serve others, playfully and respectfully!

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