Loving Reasons for Wearing Wristbands on the Tennis Court

Festive Christmas bulbs

You're busy. It's the holidays.

We promise to entertain you!


5 Loving Reasons to Wear Wristbands on the Tennis Court

1. You sweat! Duhh.

    Uhm, that reason didn't require much thought!

Colorful green wristband shown on Wristpect Sport athlete

2. You should be a BALANCED athlete!

  •  Did you know if you wear a watch and/or bracelet on one of your wrists and nothing on the other wrist, then you are imbalanced! You could tip over!
  • You wouldn't wear a heavier shoe on your right foot and a lighter shoe on your left foot would you? We think not.
  • Below, Wristpect Sport athlete, Katy puts this principle in motion and stays balanced, symmetrical AND amused! So get even and get balanced for crying out loud and wear a wristband or TWO- one on each wrist.
    X Games wristband set shown on Wristpect Sport athlete

      3. To hold on for dear life! 

      Most folks don't know that a wristband is not only for wiping sweat from the chin, cheek, and forehead! It was originally invented to keep sweat from running into the palm so one could hold on to that old wood racket with leather grip. That mentality and desire to hold on to todays new aged rackets and tacky grips hasn't changed

        4. The 4 letter word:

        Let's be honest, when tennis lovers have to get their fix and play in frigid weather they face a bit of another problem. Well you know, a runny nose --'SNOT' if you're a bit rough around the edges! A festive Wristpect Sport wristband won't take offense to this unpleasant action AND a wristband can be taken off post play, so your sleeve is pristine and clean for that luncheon with your teammates and friends!

             Katy finds our Snow leopard wristband the perfect
          selection for wiping a runny nose during cold weather play!

          Snow leopard patterned wristband by Wristpect Sport

            5. You're fashionable and unafraid. You seek patterns, colors and zest in all of your attire---even, your wristband!

            (6). We CAN count but found it entertaining to add a 6th loving reason for wearing a wristband on the tennis court:

             Because you can! You can. Your partner can---your teammates can! It's a FREE country--anyone can wear a wristband!

            Oh what fun it is to write about sweat and the holidays...hey!

            Happy Holidays!

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